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Home & Investment Loans | 18th June 2024
ATO puts spotlight on property investors

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned property investors it will pay close attention to ...

Home & Investment Loans | 12th June 2024
Housing assistance scheme achieves big milestone

Are you a first home buyer or single parent who wants help getting a property? If so, you’ll be ...

Home & Investment Loans | 5th June 2024
Variable-rate loans scale new heights of popularity

Back in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, 13.38% of new borrowers were choosing ...

Home & Investment Loans | 30th May 2024
Unlock the value of your home & upgrade your lifestyle

Owning your own home comes with the exciting opportunity to increase its value, ultimately ...

Home & Investment Loans | 27th May 2024
Consider becoming a Rentvestor

Saving for a deposit for your first home requires discipline and can be hard work, especially ...

Home & Investment Loans | 23rd May 2024
Five tips to beat out other buyers

Property buyers are being forced to compete hard in many markets around Australia, so how can you ...

Home & Investment Loans | 14th May 2024
Borrowers staying on top of mortgages despite higher cost of living

Despite the rise in inflation and interest rates over the past two years, “nearly all borrowers ...

Home & Investment Loans | 7th May 2024
Prices rising in 88.4% of suburbs

Australia has hundreds of different property markets, which are often at different points in ...

Home & Investment Loans | 1st May 2024
Home loan commitments rise 13.3%

The value of new mortgage borrowing is continuing to increase, as more buyers enter the market ...

Home & Investment Loans | 23rd April 2024
New home purchases rise 5.3%

Australians purchased 5.3% more new homes in February than the month before, according to the ...

Home & Investment Loans | 11th April 2024
Get a better deal on your loan and receive up to $1,000 towards your Man Cave fundraising campaign

We are pleased to support your fundraising efforts during the 2024 Phats Charity Ride by ...

Home & Investment Loans | 11th April 2024
Deposit hurdle gets slightly lower for first home buyers

First home buyers are able to enter the market a little faster than a year ago, new research has ...

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